Having your bathroom floors epoxy-coated will certainly provide a boost in appearance, but that's just one of the many advantages.  Bathrooms are more prone to accidents than we give them credit for.  Steam makes the floors especially awkward and slippery, splashed water can be difficult to see, and we've all stepped out of the shower or tub with wet feet.  These are just a few of the reasons why so many homeowners in Syracuse are having their guest and master bathroom floors professionally epoxy-coated.

Regardless of whether you're most concerned with appearance, safety or surface protection, CNY Creative Coatings offers professional epoxy floor coating services in Syracuse at rates that are always competitive.

  • Epoxy coating offers superior moisture protection for bathroom floors
  • Can be customized to match your d├ęcor, with many colors and design patterns
  • Adds a sophisticated look that guests are sure to notice when visiting
  • Ideal for bathrooms with hardwood, marble, ceramic or concrete floors
  • CNY is committed to using environmentally-safe epoxy with low- or no-VOC
  • All bathroom epoxy floor coatings performed by expert concrete artisans

If you're in a household with young ones, you need no reminders of how messy their bathroom adventures can be.  And as cute as they seem, excessive water and moisture exposure can stain or degrade the integrity of your floor's base.   Let CNY Creative Coatings demonstrate how stylish and affordable it can be to epoxy-coat your bathroom floors.

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