Of the many places where people are most likely to slip and fall on your property, commercial bathroom accidents are notorious for slick, slippery floors.  So whether your priority rests in preventing slips and providing a more safe workplace, or giving your corporate bathroom a more modern or distinctive vibe, having your company's bathroom floors epoxy coated is an all-around smart move for business.

CNY takes the stress and downtime out of commercial bathroom epoxy floor coating, offering a wide range of styles and designs, as well as curing and personalization options.

  • An economical way to prevent costly falls on slippery bathroom floors
  • Customize your commercial bathroom epoxy with colors, logos or patterns
  • Provides an impenetrable barrier that resists water from sinks and toilets
  • Hardens to form a dense, rubberized surface that significantly improves footing
  • Can give your corporate or executive bathroom a sophisticated look and feel
  • CNY offers a diverse range of epoxy floor options for Syracuse NY businesses

At CNY Creative Coatings in Syracuse, we fully understand the need to maintain a workplace that's as safe as it is distinctive.  Having your commercial bathroom floors epoxy-coated serves as an economical way to improve both looks and safety, while protecting your surfaces from water damage and excessive foot traffic.

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Many local businesses are a bit shocked to hear how affordable it can be to have their floors professionally epoxy-coated.  CNY has worked hard over the past two decades, to offer the most reliable concrete services at the most competitive rates in Syracuse.  Call us to learn more about the many advantages of epoxy flooring at 315-463-0592, or schedule a time to arrange a free onsite quote.

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