The feeling of entering a corporate lobby with epoxy-coated floors is unmistakable, and one that instantly imparts notions of quality, design distinction and innovative thinking.  It's not all about aesthetics, though.  Epoxy resin floor coverings also provide more confident foot traction for employees and guests, while drastically reducing the chance of slips and falls compared to uncoated surfaces.  Additionally, the hardened resin simultaneously protects the underlying concrete surface and requires far less maintenance.

The concrete experts at CNY Creative Coatings have helped some of Syracuse' most thriving corporations improve the look and feel of their lobbies and main entrances.  Here are just a few of the advantages of having your lobby floors epoxy coated.

  • Affordable epoxy floor applications for Syracuse NY businesses
  • Can help protect and enhance hardwood, marble, ceramic, concrete & more
  • Epoxy coating can be applied to your lobby during evening or non-peak hours
  • When properly cured, special additives create a slightly rubbery grip
  • Your lobby can be epoxy-covered with custom designs, logos or others
  • All applications are conducted by highly-experienced masonry experts
  • Ample experience installing commercial epoxy floors in Syracuse

From the most basic clear epoxy floor coating, to the most elaborately designed custom epoxy floor masterpiece, there's nothing the specialists at CNY Creative Coatings can't handle.  Let us know how we can make your application unique, effective and as rewarding as possible.

Experienced, Reliable Epoxy Floors for Syracuse Businesses

When you're ready to give your commercial lobby or main entrance a new look and level of safety, the professionals at CNY Creative Coating are here and ready to help.  Call us today at 315-463-0592 to learn more about our complete offering of commercial and corporate epoxy floor coating services, or schedule a time for us to provide you with a free on-site estimate.

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