Professional Concrete Resurfacing in Syracuse

When your older concrete surfaces begin to show their age, it can be more than just a little unsightly.  Damaged, cracked and aging concrete can pose the risk of increased slips and falls on your property, as well as water seepage that can wreak havoc on your foundation over time.  At CNY Creative Coatings, we help homeowners and businesses save money with our affordable Syracuse concrete resurfacing services.

Whether you're a homeowner, a business owner or property manager, CNY Creative Coating can repair and resurface your concrete floors, patios and walkways to safer, more aesthetically-pleasing levels.

Improve the Appearance of Your Home or Building

Having broken chucks of concrete scattered across your patio or walkway is certainly not the look most people set out to achieve.  Unfortunately, once the decay has started it only tends to get more progressive over time.  Having new concrete poured isn't always necessary, however.  CNY Creative Coatings can save you a great deal of time and money, by professionally resurfacing your existing surfaces.  Call us to find out more about having your concrete floors resurfaced in Syracuse.

Reduce the Risk of Slips and Accident

It only takes one misstep on a loose piece of concrete, and before you know it, one of your guests or family finds themselves being treated for a fall.  At CNY Creative Coatings we can evaluate your surfaces to determine whether or not they can be properly and safely resurfaced, before presenting you with options and clear-cut pricing.  Call us today for a free quote and keep your property safe.

Increase Curb Appeal & Value

If you're planning on making a move, it's important to ensure that your concrete surfaces are clean, in-tact and capable of making a good impression on prospective buyers.  Whether it's your home or your commercial property, CNY Creative Coatings can make sure that older or damaged concrete surfaces are not serving as a deterrent.  Our residential and commercial concrete resurfacing will leave your floors, patio and walkways looking like they were freshly poured.

Call the Syracuse NY Concrete Resurfacing Experts

Regardless of your situation, our team of skilled concrete specialists can transform your compromised surfaces into something more stylish, appealing and safe.  We also offer a wide range of epoxy floor coating services, for those seeking a more distinctive finish and feel.

For more information on how CNY Creative Coatings can help you save money and time, call us at 315-463-0592 and we'll be happy to answer your questions or get started on your free quote.

Call CNY Creative Coatings today at 315-463-0592 for a free quote, or additional information on the vast benefits of having your Syracuse NY concrete epoxy-coated by an industry leader.

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