An epoxy-coated backyard patio has a look that is distinctive, inviting and perfect for settings of both large and small statures.  If you've seen a friend or neighbor who had their patio coated with epoxy, you already know how impressive it looks both at a distance an up close.  But there's more to patio epoxy coatings than what's seen at the surface.  Properly applied and cured, the innovative resin composites harden to form a thin yet highly-protective barrier. This protects your sublayer concrete or cement from day-to-day foot traffic, while forming a rubberized grip that improves footing and traction even in wet conditions.

CNY Creative Coatings is well known for offering professional patio epoxy coating services, and proudly serves the greater Syracuse region.

  • Ideal for backyard patios, paved sitting areas, walkways or pool surrounds
  • CNY offers custom epoxy-coated patios with extensive colors and design patterns
  • We use premium-grade, sustainable epoxy systems with low- or no-VOC
  • An effortless way to protect your outdoor cement and concrete surfaces
  • Protective barrier repels liquids and many stains, and wipes up easily
  • Professional application prevents mistakes and can extend the coating's life

Regardless of whether you're looking to coat a small private patio, or considering full epoxy coating for a large backyard terrace, CNY offers a diverse array of services, products and curing methods to make your application flawless and to your exact specifications.

Protect and Beautify Your Syracuse Backyard Patio

Few home improvement services can simultaneously improve functionality, appearance and safety.  But that's what make epoxy patio coating so exciting and appealing.  If you're curious about how it works, what it costs or why it's something worth considering, call CNY Creative Coatings today at 315-463-0592 to speak with one of our concrete epoxy specialist.

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