Over the past few years CNY has seen a surge in homeowners having their basement floors epoxy coated.  And we completely get it.  After all, epoxy floor coating is one of the most effective and affordable ways to protect sub-level concrete structures from cracks and moisture damage.  Why is this especially important for basements?  For starters, it can ensure that some random spill doesn’t slowly manifest into foundation damage years down the road.  The clean, finished look it creates doesn’t hurt, either.

Thinking about having your basement professionally-coated with a sleek new layer of protective epoxy resin?  Here are a few reasons why it's good for more than just impressing friends and visitors.

  • Creates a dense protective barrier that repels water, spills and other liquids
  • One of the most economical ways to protect your home's foundation
  • Epoxy floor coating is available for Syracuse basements of all sizes and layouts
  • Hardens to a semi-rubberized surface to greatly reduce the risk of slips and falls
  • CNY uses sustainable epoxy resin products with either low-VOC or zero-VOC
  • All applications are carefully conducted by vastly-experienced concrete experts

If you've been toying with the idea of giving your Syracuse basement a shiny new coat of epoxy, call the company that's been doing it since the onset.   CNY offers a wide assortment of epoxy floor coating options to consider, including custom colors, design patterns and graphics.

Guaranteed Low Rates on Epoxy Floors in Syracuse

Before you hire some brush-savvy weekender who may or may not know the first thing about applied plastic composite chemistry, we strongly encourage you to learn the benefits of having epoxy floors professionally installed.  CNY Creative Coatings has perfected our process over many years, allowing us to be more precise, creative and efficient than our industry colleagues.

For rates, details or a free quote on epoxy floor services for Syracuse NY residential basements, give us a call at 315-463-0592 and let us know how we can help improve your basement.

Call CNY Creative Coatings today at 315-463-0592 for a free quote, or additional information on the vast benefits of having your Syracuse NY concrete epoxy-coated by an industry leader.

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