Ask any facility or plant manager why they chose to have their warehouse floors epoxy-coated, and you're sure to hear words like safety, concrete protection and others. Because while many residents use it for appearance, businesses and commercial centers can benefit greatly from the enhanced traction and liquid-resistant barrier it provides.  The concrete experts at CNY Creative Coatings proudly offer superior epoxy floor coating in Syracuse NY, including many commercial and industrial facilities and manufacturing centers.

If you've been looking for an economical way to improve the safety, efficiency and lifespan of your warehouse or production area, here are some things to consider on commercial epoxy flooring.

  • Epoxy resin cures to form a surface that offers better grip and stability
  • Applications can be completely customized with colors, designs and logos
  • Forms a highly-protective surface that resists liquids, spills and many chemicals
  • Can substantially reduce the risk of employee slip and fall incidents
  • Protects concrete surfaces, reducing the needs for resurfacing or re-pours
  • Even the largest warehouse floors can be epoxy-coated affordably
  • We utilize high-grade epoxy products with either low to no-VOC

At CNY Creative Coatings, we're proud to bring decades of professional experience to each commercial project we undertake.  Our process has been meticulously honed over many years, and we use products known for their durability, longevity and low environmental impact.

The Best Choice for Syracuse NY Epoxy Floor Installs

It takes the ample experience of a proven expert to ensure a perfectly-applied epoxy floor covering, and few can match the expertise CNY brings to every project.  If you're in the Syracuse area and would like more information on the cost, timeframe or benefits of epoxy floors for your warehouse, call CNY Creative Coatings today at 315-463-0592 for complete details.

Call CNY Creative Coatings today at 315-463-0592 for a free quote, or additional information on the vast benefits of having your Syracuse NY concrete epoxy-coated by an industry leader.

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