Kitchen floors are one of the best candidates for epoxy coating, and we're guessing that you don’t need us to tell you why.  This is one of the scenarios where it's all about protection, ease and peace of mind.  Having your kitchen floors professionally-coated with quality epoxy resins can protect against spills and increase traction, all while adding a sophisticated new look to your kitchen.  Best of all you can have epoxy applied to virtually any hard surface, such as hardwood, marble, ceramic, concrete and many others.

Whether you're concerned about keeping the hardwood floors from getting scuffed up, or preventing your kids from slipping on a non-visible spill, here are some convincing reasons to have your Syracuse NY kitchen floors epoxy coated.

  • A durable and cost-effective way to protect hardwood and other high-end floors
  • Epoxy resins cure to form a hardened rubber surface with improves traction
  • Repels most household spills and liquids for a faster, easier cleanup process
  • CNY offers custom epoxy floor designs, including colors, graphics and patterns
  • All residential epoxy floor applications done by thoroughly-trained experts
  • Our epoxy flooring products are safe and sustainable with low or no VOCs

Regardless of whether you're going for enhanced looks or improved durability, CNY is a company you can trust when it comes to residential kitchen floor epoxy coating in Syracuse,  We were at the forefront of resin floors way back when they were brand new, and are still to this day exploring new ways to improve our process and your experience.

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Before you rush out and pick up all the materials at the local home improvement store, we should tell you that epoxy resin applications only appear to be easy.  There's a lot going on that even the most savvy do it yourselfer's forget to take into consideration, and mistakes at this level can be costly.  Save the time, stress and money by calling the epoxy flooring company Syracuse has trusted for two decades.

To learn more or for a free estimate on professional kitchen floor epoxy coating in Syracuse, call CNY Creative Coatings today at 315-463-0592.

Call CNY Creative Coatings today at 315-463-0592 for a free quote, or additional information on the vast benefits of having your Syracuse NY concrete epoxy-coated by an industry leader.

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