By now you don't need any long-winded speeches about how amazing an epoxy-coated garage floor looks.  Anyone who's seen it in person experiences the same 'blown away' reaction that has made them so wildly popular over the past decade.  And while we're all familiar with what they can do to your home's appearance, garage floor epoxy coating also offers a long list of additional advantages. 

  • Protects garage floors against damage caused by traffic, drops and chemicals
  • Adds curb appeal to help distinguish your home from others when selling
  • Provides a thin, impenetrable barrier that resists liquids and common chemicals
  • Substantially easier to clean than traditional garage concrete, spills wipe up easy
  • Decorative garage epoxy can be completely customized with endless options
  • An affordable home improvement project that can be done quickly!

DIY or Professional Epoxy Floor Coating?

It is totally natural to assume that applying  epoxy floors is as simple as laying down a fresh coat of interior paint.  However, there are some significant differences that make it a bit more complicated than your run of the mill paint project.

Specialized technique factors in heavily and is vital to create a completely flat surface.  Also, the curing process must be done meticulously to ensure the desired gloss and hardness.  If you botch the process on your first or second attempt, the cost of having your experiment removed properly will only add to the expenses.  Considering how affordable our epoxy floor services are, it just makes sense to let a pro do it right the first time.

Awesome Rates and Service on Syracuse NY Decorative Garage Epoxy

Whether you're looking to give your garage a completely new visual dynamic or enhanced protection and longevity, CNY Creative Coatings is the undisputed leader when it comes to epoxy floor coating in Syracuse.  Get complete details or a free quote by calling us at 315-463-0592.  We do custom garage floors with patterns, color schemes, personalized designs and anything else you can dream up.